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prenatal yoga at yoga matters, indianapolis

Weekly classes meet Wednesdays at 12:12pm. Flow includes seated, standing and relaxation poses to bring you into communion with your baby – now and future – and help you to trust your body so you can consciously surrender to the process of bringing baby into the light. Woman are welcome before, and during pregnancy. Postures are modified to be perfect at each trimester and stage. See link below to register!

Please follow this link to register:


Dear Yoga Buddies, It’s time. We are repainted, reorganized and we are opening for folks who are fully vaccinated! We know there are Covid variations out there and you may have gotten very comfortable practicing in your home so we will continue streaming on Zoom to those who request online classes. You can even take the studio with you when you travel! Yoga in your jammies has a certain appeal – and with Zoom you can mute your kids, your neighbor’s leaf blower and turn off your video OR stay fully engaged.

Class fees still apply ($18 per class, $90 for six weeks). Pay by Square Invoice, Pay Pal or Apple Pay.

We will Never Ever share or sell your infromation.


See the calendar for class times.

What is Yin Yoga?

We are adding a Yin Yoga class for all those beginners, people with arthritic joints, or those who are healing injuries. In the universe Yin and Yang are oppositional forces with which you are already familiar.  In Vedanta (Yoga philosophy and science) Ida and Pingala are the names of these same forces.  Ida and Yin are the quiet, feminine, moon or passive energies of the universe while Yang and Pingala are the active, male, sun energies.  So in essence, Yin practice is inwardly focused, gentle movement, held postures, restorative postures and of course, meditation.  A lovely way to maintain your balance at this time of year.  Join us on Wednesdays beginning 1/18/2017.  Register for the studio and reserve your mat with the Sign-up link:

Modified Balasana  Yummmmmmmm……