What is Yin Yoga?

We are adding a Yin Yoga class for all those beginners, people with arthritic joints, or those who are healing injuries. In the universe Yin and Yang are oppositional forces with which you are already familiar.  In Vedanta (Yoga philosophy and science) Ida and Pingala are the names of these same forces.  Ida and Yin are the quiet, feminine, moon or passive energies of the universe while Yang and Pingala are the active, male, sun energies.  So in essence, Yin practice is inwardly focused, gentle movement, held postures, restorative postures and of course, meditation.  A lovely way to maintain your balance at this time of year.  Join us on Wednesdays beginning 1/18/2017.  Register for the studio and reserve your mat with the Sign-up link:

Modified Balasana  Yummmmmmmm……

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