Vinyasa class is a more intensive series of poses linked together with the vinyasa – or flow – of chatturanga/upward facing dog/downward facing dog.  The series builds upper body strength and flexibility all over the body and also tones the core and lower body.  We practice seated poses, sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses and inversions, when appropriate, as well.  Through the movement we practice inner focus and mindful breathing to help fuel the practice and increase concentration on and off the mat.  We love this practice!  Plus we just enjoy gathering each week to practice together.  Just as she does in all of our classes, Jean modifies poses for beginners building strength and shows more advanced students how to intensify their practice, using props where needed.  Always mindful of alignment, Jean will say, “We don’t sacrifice safety for the benefit of the pose!”

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Yoga for better health, better birthing and better life!