Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga classes are safe to begin anytime in pregnancy but of course it is ideal to begin earlier. Some women start classes after any nausea has passed, others start at 6 weeks.

In these classes we use breath-synchronized movements to keep the body supple and strong in preparation for labor and birth.

Yoga practice is perfect for the pregnant body as it increases oxygen uptake, reduces blood pressure and soothes general discomforts that arise as your baby grows and your body changes.

Doing yoga throughout pregnancy creates confidence in the abilities and wisdom of the body. Trust in your pregnant body may help your labor progress more easily.

Yoga can teach you how to achieve calmness of the mind and spirit which will help you in labor and the early days of motherhood.

For mothers of multiple children this class can provide you welcome time to simply be present with your new, growing baby.

Each class includes seated, standing and moving poses as well as balance postures and relaxation. We often use creative visualization to enhance connection to the baby.

Learning to release all tension from the body is supremely helpful during labor – or even just to help you get back to sleep.

These classes are designed to be safe for women in all three trimesters so you can continue practicing until you give birth!

Yoga also helps tremendously with recovery after birth.

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Yoga for better health, better birthing and better life!