I am sitting here inside my mostly cozy house and looking out into a sunny winter wonderland. I thought this an ideal time to remind myself and you that during these drier, colder months we need to support our natural bio rhythms and keep our systems moist so that we can maintain physical and mental balance. Take care of the body by drinking lots of water and light juices, herbal teas, and eating soups, to warm and nourish. No amount of lotion or cream can hydrate. Those do soften and smooth the cuticle but we need inner hydration even more. Try Jala Neti – using a neti pot- to keep the nasal passages moist and clean so they can better filter dust from our interior environments. And try a humidifier to moisten the air around you to keep the body and nose more comfortable.

Since the light fades earlier and the colder temperatures make us want to slow down and bundle our bodies while we are forced to maintain busy schedules and active lives, we can use meditation to maintain breath and balance. Think of five minutes of stillness and deep breathing as a retreat into your own private bear cave or cozy den. Set a timer, settle the body into a comfortable seat and observe the deepening of your breath. If your children are home for extended holidays due to extreme weather know that learning to quiet mind and body in noisy or chaotic environments may be the very best skill that parents can develop! Enjoy your practice and let me know your favorite ways to retreat!

Namaste, jean