Yoga Tips for Weight Loss

Ok, folks, Here’s the deal.    Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do.  But the cold hard truth is that being disciplined is the key and that is even harder.  I want to offer the world a short list of easy habits that should help with the process.  Your body is God’s vessel on Earth just as your soul is His/Her agent so choose accordingly!

Step One: No eating in the car.  This creates a mindless intake of calories.  You cannot be aware of what you are eating while you are occupied with driving so you will eat more of whatever it is automatically.  Buy a stick shift – this makes it impossible to steer and snack simultaneously!  Same goes for  eating in front of the TV.   An equally bad idea for all the same reasons.  Ok, pig out on Super Bowl Sunday or World Cup Finals if you must – but use a plate.  Otherwise, drink some tea or juice and respect yourself in the morning.

Step Two: No eating out of bags or boxes.  Instead make a serving in a bowl or on a small plate.  You will eat much more without realizing the quantity if you snack from the package.  SEEing your food is part of conscious eating and part of the stimulation of the saliva glands i.e. jump starting your digestive process which leads us to-

Step Three: Chew for crying out loud!  Digestion begins in the mouth.  The yogis tell us to chew each bite 32 times!  I aim for 27 when I remember to do it.  You will not overeat and your digestion will be hugely improved.  Much of the work is done already when the nutrients hit your stomach so you will literally GET MORE OUT OF YOUR FOOD by way of absorption.  Swami Rama told us to “Chew your liquids and drink your solids.”  Got it?  Even yogurt should be “Chewed!”

Step Four: CLOSE THE KITCHEN AT 7PM.  Unless you are out for a special occasion, avoid eating after dinner and/or after 7pm.  Going to bed on a “light” stomach will help you to sleep and wake up feeling more revitalized since your digestive system will be resting and not working all night.  This one is especially difficult for me since I got into a granola-at-bedtime habit during pregnancy and all those years of nursing.  I would wake famished at 2 am unless I ate something in the evening.  Let’s try this one together for better, more effective sleeping!

Step Five: Give thanks before you eat.  Besides being good for your spirit this simple act gives you a chance to pause, smell your meal, relax so you can enjoy it and gets your digestion going before your first bite (which you will eat off of a plate sitting at a table and chew 27 times before finishing by 7pm!).  You are sacred, so should your food be.

I wish you vitality and an easier shedding of pounds so you can stay on the planet living healthier for longer 😉