Breathe for your health!

IMG_3778Ok, so that title could be a joke!  Of course we have to breathe to stay alive, but wouldn’t you like to give your body breath that will help ward off disease?  Taking full diaphragmatic breaths releases pressure on major blood vessels that run through the diaphragm muscle.  Taking little chest breaths restrict the full expansion of the chest cavity and the release of those vessels.  It’s difficult for us to monitor our breathing, but the more we indulge in full inhalations that expand the torso and full exhalations that contract the abdominal muscles we actually increase our oxygen intake, improve circulation between upper body and lower body which lowers blood pressure (!), and tone the abdominal muscles!  In addition, complete breaths expel all waste gases so our inhalations give our bodies a real “breath of fresh air!”  The yogis tell us that breathing consciously and fully can actually improve our immunity to all things viral by keeping the respiratory system clean.  GIve it a try and send me results of your experiment!  Of course, breathing may not be as effective as a flu vaccine but it should make you feel great everyday!