Got Two Minutes?

Have you got two minutes?  That’s all it takes to start a meditation habit!  Sit for two minutes at each transition of your day:  When you arise, before driving your car, or leaving for the bus.  Before important phone calls, meetings or emails, prior to rush hour driving or after-school activities.  We can achieve a peaceful state of mind from which to enter into interaction with the world.  

Set a timer on your phone, watch or device.  Settle into a comfortable, supported seat.  Relax your face, jaw, shoulders, hands and hips.  Let your tongue come to rest inside your mouth with hands softly resting in your lap. With closed eyes watch the space between your eyes with soft focus. Watch the breath moving in and out of your nose….  As thoughts arise acknowledge them and let them drift on past your awareness.  Bring your awareness back to the breath…

At the chime, with eyes still closed, slowly and gently bring your focus back into the present moment.  Rub your hands briskly together and cup them over your eyes.  Open your eyes into the darkness of your palms,  and then slowly curl your hands away from your eyes.  

Now you should be ready for anything the world has in store!


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