Prenatal Resources – good books

I wanted to share with you a few my favorite books for expectant and new mothers. We all know that knowledge is power and theses books offer wisdom responsibly.

When looking for resources it is always good to be wary of any books that make claims for making your baby’s schedule “conform” to yours especially when it comes to feeding. Newborns come ferociously hardwired with three basic needs: to be near you, to be fed and to suckle. These needs will shift with each growth spurt, on days when your schedule or outings shifts nap time – or whatever! There will be a “new normal” every week or so and adjusting to your baby will require time, skin-to-skin contact and yes, sometimes interrupted sleep ;-). Remember, in all the good and the tough times – “This too shall pass” so even at its most intense you will find resources deep within yourself to get up one more time, change one more diaper, burp one more burp before you, your baby and your partner can rest. They are little for precious little time! You will never regret those minutes in the still of the night nursing or rocking your little one back to sleep.

Here are some nice books for you to explore:

The Kind Mother, Alicia Silverstone
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, La Leche League publication
The Nature of Birth and Breastfeeding, Michel Odent, M.D.
Rediscovering Birth (or anything else) by Sheila Kitzinger
Mind Over Labor, by Carl Jones
The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth, Henci Goer
Creating a Joyful Birth Experience, by Bardsley & Cappachione

Not all of these will be at regular bookstores so try Half Price, Indy Reads, or other used store inventories too. See you soon!

Yours in service, Jean